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No-Pulse Slings

Custom Match Slings
By Ron Brown

Pictured at left is a type of no-pulse configuration that was featured in a two-part article of Precision Shooting in May 1999 and February 2002.  It varies somewhat from the no-pulse currently used that requires a much larger three strap thickness keeper. 

I prefer this configuration as it does not require any modification to the sling keepers and my larger D-ring makes this application easier to use.

Set Up For No-Pulse

To minimize your pulse as you tighten the strap around your bicep for stability, the no-pulse distributes your pulse to the short strap and lessens any vibration to the long strap attached to the fore-end of the rifle stock.  An added advantage is the shooter can attach the sling before the three minute prep and then once in place at the firing point, attach the long strap to the rifle, allowing more time for prep.  Shooter utilizes the strap numbers for exact positioning of the sling hook.


See pictures below.