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M1907 Service Rifle Slings


Custom Match Slings
By Ron Brown

At Custom Match Slings we use the best grade of leather from Hermann Oak tannery, an American company that has been in business since 1881.  The hides are from American steers and received in their natural color.  Once straps are cut to size, they are then dyed per customer's request for color choice with the best oil dyes.  Colors available are:  Saddle Tan, Dark Brown, or Black,  or other special requests.    The hooks (frogs) are military spec and the D-rings are parkerized and oversized which allow proper ease of setup in the no-pulse configuration.

Our straps and keepers are hand stitched so that should a stitch break, only one side of the stitch loosens.  The other thread firmly holds the leather together.  The traditional lock stitch used by sewing machines when broken, allows the lockstitch to undue itself for several stitches and the thread on both sides of the leather is loosened.  In addition to the hand stitching on the short strap at the D-ring and the keepers, they are also glued together with a strong leather glue to ensure no breakage.  After seventeen years of making slings we have never had a short strap or keeper returned or replaced for breakage.

Over sixteen years ago my wife and I met Les Tam while vacationing in Hawaii.  We hit it off right away with our mutual interests in high power competition and top quality leather slings.  Over the years Les and I have shared ideas on sling construction and constantly try to improve our quality of slings.  We agree; it takes the best leather and that is from Hermann Oak.  Thanks to Les, Custom Match Slings by Ron Brown are now offered in the Creedmoor Sports catalog and Creedmoor commissioned us to make a sling for the "Gunny," R. Lee Ermey.  Les also introduced us to DGR who has been selling our slings for more than fifteen years.  See our slings at www.creedmoorsports.com and www.dgrguns.com, as well as on the following pages.