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After years of manufacturing the 1907 service rifle sling, many hunters requested a sling that would be user friendly for them.  This is not your competition match sling. This is the sling you grab on your rifle when you want to hunt deer, turkeys,  bear, boar, or anything else!!  Now you can safely carry your rifle anywhere while allowing you to be “at the ready” or preparing to sit or kneel to make that perfect shot quickly and accurately.

The slings come with two easy connect swivels so it will mount to any rifle quickly and easily.  Men and women will enjoy this easy connect for their rifles.  As is our 1907 sling, the leather is Hermann Oak, the finest leather from American steers, still strong and thick to last and give many years of great service.  

We want to thank all those who tested our Hunter Slings to give feedback on the ease of use and quality of the sling.  We are proud to now present this to you.

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Custom Match Slings
By Ron Brown